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However, sometimes Monochrome Casting is more understandable in older works, due simply to demographic changes.

In 1940, for example, only 1 in 10 Americans were nonwhite; now it's between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3, depending on who counts as "nonwhite." So, statistically speaking, one could show nine white characters in a 1940 film or 2 or 3 white characters now and maintain plausible deniability.

Where Monochrome Casting is most noticeable is in works where the characters are homogeneous in so similar that any differences among them effectively don't matter. Compare Humans Are White, a similar phenomenon in unrealistic works.

Contrast the Five-Token Band, where it seems the writers were trying too hard in the opposite direction. Compare Chromosome Casting, the equivalent of this trope in sex (when characters of only one sex appear in a work).

" You've just run across a program guilty of Monochrome Casting.

The melanin content of the actors simply doesn't vary much at all.

You're watching your favorite sitcom — it's fluff, but it's harmless fluff, right?

In some countries, such as Japan or South Korea, ethnic homogeneity is practically state policy.

Now, some shows are set in environments where it might even seem forced to have any sort of ethnic diversity; this trope doesn't apply to these programs so much.

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